Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ep. 53: The Bagel Business, Bandwagon Brewers, and Buffalo Wings

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There are around 200 different restaurants and other dining options within Ithaca, and just as one closes another one or two take its place. It's a competitive enough market that anyone who can keep a restaurant open for 10 years must be doing something right. Which means that Gregar Brous and his partners at Brous & Mehaffey must be geniuses, for they've made local institutions out of their five Collegetown Bagels and Ithaca Bakery stores here for nearly 30 years. We're excited to chat with Gregar in this episode about how this mini-empire of his got its start, hear about some of the challenges he faces in running a food business, and learn what it takes to be successful in Ithaca.

We're also continuing our quest to eat at every restaurant in Ithaca from A-Z. As we go back to look at some newer restaurants we missed earlier in the alphabet, we find ourselves visiting a couple newcomers on the scene. Hear our reviews of the indie local offerings at Bandwagon Brew Pub, and a brand new outpost of the Buffalo Wild Wings sports bar chain.

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Anonymous said...

When you get to the W's, you might compare the Chili-and-Cornbread-Waffles that Waffle Frolic makes with those at Bandwagon Brew Pub. I think the former are SCRUMPTIOUS!


Anonymous said...

I hear Ralph Moss (and his ribs, and COLLARD GREENS) will be back at Castaways on Aug. 4, after taking July off. Perhaps it could be included in the catch-up of the "C's"?



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