Tuesday, January 22, 2008

New Features!

We've been hard at work developing this website into a sleek and user-friendly bookmark for all Ithaca Eaters, and now we've added three new features that we hope you'll enjoy.

You'll now notice our Contact information is listed on the right-hand toolbar, which includes our exciting new voicemail line! Yeah, it's not a local Ithaca number, but you get free long distance with that fancy cell phone plan, don't you? Give us a call, share your thoughts about eating in Ithaca, let us know what you think about the podcast, and if we like it we may include it in our next show.

We also added links to our Alphabetical Master List of Ithaca Restaurants for you to follow along as we eat our way through the entire list from A-Z. Plus, we've added a Google Map which will have the details for each restaurant as we visit.

The list is available in two different flavors: a tasty web page to view in your browser, or download the whole thing as a PDF and print it out. Either way, the latest revised version of this list will always be available, and if you find a restaurant on our list that is closed or has the wrong information, let us know!

We hope you find these tools useful, and look forward to hearing from you. Happy Eating!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Episode 1 - Everything Eating and Eating Everything

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Our debut episode! Meet your hosts, Dave and Ari, as we talk about how we got to know Ithaca and share some of our food favorites.

We also discuss our goal of eating at every restaurant in Ithaca in alphabetical order, and kick off the A-Z segment with a look at the ABC Cafe.

Send us your comments below or via email, and we might share your thoughts in our next episode. We'd love to know what you think about the Ithaca dining scene, your favorite place for groceries, or a new recipe you've fallen in love with. Happy Eating!

Links for this episode:
Our theme music is provided by David Yantorno, a fantastic local musician. Check out more of his songs at www.mymetalknee.com

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Talking about eating

Welcome to Eating Ithaca, our brand new local podcast dedicated to exploring all there is to eat and drink in our region.

We're eating at all the restaurants in Ithaca, NY. And we do meal ALL the restaurants, for we’ll be eating at every restaurant in town in alphabetical order and discussing it right here in a new podcast every couple weeks.

We'll also be talking and blogging about everything else related to eating and cooking that happens to be on our minds, like whether regional grass-fed beef is worth the extra effort and money; is lunch a better meal than dinner; and what was life like before Gimme! Coffee?

Along the way, we hope to have special guests join us from the Ithaca community and beyond, like food writers, local chefs, Cornell food scientists, and of course, our friends and dining companions. We also hope you'll send us your comments and questions. We'll even have a number for phoning in your thoughts for us to share on the podcast.

The first episode will be online and on iTunes starting in January 2008. Until then, you can email your questions or comments to EatingIthaca_at_gmail_dot_com.

Thanks for joining us. Here's to good eating, Ithaca!


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