Monday, August 31, 2009

Ep. 41: Ithaca Beer & Ithaca Bakery

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The Ithaca Brew Fest is right around the corner, so it's a perfect time to be talking to the man behind the brew at Ithaca Beer, Jeff "Chief" O'Neil. He's an enthusiastic beer maker and "Hop Head" and has been creating award-winning ales for Ithaca's oldest full-time brewery since 2002. In fact he was such an enthusiastic guest, we got more interview from him than we could fit into the podcast. Instead, we've created a separate uncut version of the interview featuring an extra 15 minutes of our conversation that you can download:

Click here to listen to (or right click to download) the full, uncut version of our chat with Ithaca Beer's Executive Brewer Jeff O'Neil (53 minutes).

Our restaurant review for this week takes us at last to the super sandwich kingdom of Ithaca Bakery and its many splendors. Plus we have lots of news on upcoming events, some new websites you should be checking out, and listener feedback!

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Ithaca's Food Web said...

Hey, great episode! And, thanks for such nice words about Ithaca's Food Web! Keep in touch, and looking forward to your next episode.

Anonymous said...

Some new entries for your list:

Coal House Cafe (replacing Queen of Tarts). Supposedly opening today (9/8/09); so you might check it out if you're in "catch up mode".

Sammy's Italian Buffet & Grill (replacing King Buffet). It isn't open yet, though. It appears to be owned by the people behind Sammy's Pizzeria. There's a video for it at



Thanks for the tips, D.E.! We'll be sure to follow up on those, and we're keeping an eye out for the official opening of Five Guys, plus Wildfire in the former Lost Dog. September's turning into a busy month for dining!


Anonymous said...

The NYS Fair butter sculpture.


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