Monday, June 1, 2009

Ep. 35 - Chowcast and the Legendary Hot Truck Experience

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It's an Epic Podcasting Crossover Event, as we are joined by Sous & The Chef from for a celebration of the unique Ithaca ritual that is The Hot Truck! In this episode you'll meet Sous & The Chef and find out more about their past in Ithaca, and then they stick around to help us review our late night Hot Truck meal. Check out photos from our night at our Flickr page:

And when you're done listening to this episode, be sure to visit to hear the other half of the show as Dave & Andrea of Eating Ithaca become the guests on the Chowcast podcast and enthusiastically embrace their explicit language format. It's not to be missed!

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Jessie Cacciola said...

this is hilarious. wish i was in ithaca, now!

crane trucks said...

LOL.. had a great time reading your articles.. keep posting.. :)

The Chef said...

@crane trucks--sweet!!! Do you get to drive those suckers?!!(or is it just a super-awesome fake link?)
@Eating Ithaca----hey guys! Loved listening to the shows---brought back great memories to my mind, and much drool to my mouth. I also dug the way we were chewing "in stereo" with your superior equipment, Dave. Hope all is well---Sousie says "Hi!"
The Chef

Anonymous said...

BTW, did you ever visit the Corners Deli? I had a pretty good chicken salad sandwich from them yesterday.

I see it's in your list, but I don't remember you reviewing it. They appear to specialize in Middle Eastern food, so it would be interesting to contrast with the other restaurants of that type you've been to.



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