Monday, December 22, 2008

Ep. 25 - Live at Felicia's Atomic Lounge!

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This episode was so much fun that we couldn't wait to share it with you! We had a blast recording this last Tuesday night at Felicia's Atomic Lounge in front of a crowd of 40 or so people who came in to get out of the cold and enjoy some great drinks and podcasting, which might be a first for Ithaca. We also managed to raise nearly $150 in small bills from everyone who attended plus contributions from the drinks sold by Felicia's, all donated to the Friendship Donations Network to help support their efforts to distribute healthy, fresh foods to those in need through pantries around our area. Thank you to all of you who contributed!

If you weren't able to make it to the event, you can check out some photos taken that night by our friend Mark Anbinder in our Eating Ithaca Flickr Group, and add photos of your own if you like.

Also, by popular request, we've included links below to recipes for all the cookies that Dave made for the audience at our event. They're all very easy recipes to make and all delicious, so try 'em and enjoy!

We'll be taking a break until mid-January 2009, but you can always get in touch with us. Call our voicemail line anytime at 607-215-4392, or send an email to: feedback at eatingithaca dot com. You can also follow us on Twitter ( for continuing updates in between podcast episodes.

Happy Holidays, be safe, eat great food, and we'll talk to you again in 2009!

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:
Recipes for some of Felcia's Cockatils tasted in this Episode:
Recipes for Dave's Holiday Cookies:


Anonymous said...

Mark Anbinider?

(great seeing you, and Mark Anbinder, of course)


Sorry for the spelling error - we fixed it! Thanks D.E. :)


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