Monday, August 25, 2008

Ep. 16 - Foods of Summer Finale and Three Restaurants Reviewed

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As August comes to an end, we're wrapping up our series on the Foods of Summer with a look at a seashore favorite, the clam. We like 'em fried, steamed, baked, grilled, or even straight from the shell, but where do you find them around Ithaca?

And our visits to every Ithaca restaurant from A-Z wraps up the letter "C" with The Corner Store, catches the "B" we missed with Blimpie, and starts on "D" with D.P. Dough.

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:
This episode features the song "Summertime" by Ithaca-based band Revision from their album "Broken Art." Check out Revision online at


Anonymous said...

You may be right about "seasoned" grills being better, although I don't think it would make too much difference for stainless steel grills, as long as they were kept oiled.

In my experience, a more likely source of good grill flavor is keeping the grill surface IMMACULATE. Any food that remains after a grilling gets re-cooked, and re-cooked, until it becomes little specks of charcoal. This can often be found on grills run by teenagers, or people who just don't care (but perhaps I'm redundant here ;-)). I ran into such an establishment many years ago during a Reuben Quest (a personal journey of discovery :-)). If they haven't changed, you may experience the same thing when you try a certain chain among the "F's".

TIP: If you go back to "Corner Store", I recommend having them mix mustard with just a bit of their fresh horseradish. The resultant mixture is less sharp than mustard, and less biting than straight horseradish, but with a pleasant earthiness. It works great on a chicken tender sandwich/sub, say with tomatoes and lettuce!

Anonymous said...

You probably should add "Jack's Grill" to your list. It's where "Bistro Fry" used to be. I tried it today, and it's different (perhaps better?) than B.F.



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