Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ep. 47: Maple Season at Sapsquatch / Lunch at Jade Garden

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The middle of March is peak harvest time for maple syrup producers in our region. Last year, New York State’s more than 1,500 maple syrup producers made over 362,000 gallons of syrup according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Only Vermont with 920,000 gallons and Maine’s 395,000 with gallons produced more maple syrup.

New York’s estimated 1.51 million taps produce enough sap to account for about 15% of the maple syrup made in the United States, and an increasing number of those are from small farms. In this podcast, we'll visit one of those small farms at Sapsquatch, a sugarbush just outside of Ithaca in Enfield, NY. We'll talk with co-owner Steve Gabriel, who tells us about the unique pleasures of making food from the forest. You can see photos from our visit on Flickr.

Then we're continuing to eat our way through every restaurant in Ithaca from A-Z with a review of the lunch buffet at Jade Garden, a Chinese restaurant in downtown Ithaca that seems unchanged in the nearly two decades we've known it. All that, plus news of upcoming events for the local food community and more, in this podcast.

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Anonymous said...

Another small Chinese buffet is "Wok Village", up by Triphammer Mall. I recommend the potstickers! (Alas, it's in the W's, though ;-))


Patty said...

The Jade Garden sounds great, thanks for the review!

P90x said...

I will have to try that Jade Garden place.

Heather said...

Another small Chinese buffet is "Wok Village", up by Triphammer Mall.I recommend the potstickers.


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