Monday, October 26, 2009

Ep. 45: Autumn's Harvest Farm, New BBQ, and Goodbye for Now

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With Thanksgiving now only weeks away, we went looking for some of the best locally-raised, all natural turkeys we could find, and Autumn's Harvest Farm in Romulus is one of the few places that everyone seems to love. Their pasture-raised meats are used by some of the best chefs in our region, including Deb Whiting at Red Newt Wine Cellars & Bistro, and previous podcast guest Sam Izzo of Simply Red Bistro. In this podcast, we'll talk with farmer Tim Hawes about his animals and try to find out why he has some of the happiest turkeys around.

And as we continue eating our way through every Ithaca restaurant from A-Z, we finish our look back through the alphabet for restaurants that we've missed and end up at Hog's Back BBQ, which has officially taken over the space formerly occupied by Pangea. We were pleasantly surprised by the experience, and have all the details you need to know. Plus we've got the latest news on new restaurant openings in Ithaca and upcoming food events.

We've decided to make this our last full-length episode of 2009 so we can take some time off to rework some details behind the scenes, make some upgrades and improve the Eating Ithaca experience for everyone. But we're not gone for good, and we'll have a lot more blog entries and even a few mini-episodes of the podcast for you in the coming months.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Maybe Hog's Back is trying to emulate "burnt ends" with those ribs. Burnt ends result from the ends of a slab of beef brisket that's cooked in a pit. These are usually cut off from the general brisket offerings, because they get more "chewy" and intensely smoke-flavored than the rest of the brisket. Some people like it that way (and some places do it really well -- If you're passing through Kansas City, I might be able to point you to such a place ;-))



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