Monday, September 28, 2009

Ep. 43: Apples and Burgers and Fries

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The Fall fruit season is in full swing in Ithaca, and in this podcast we're visiting the Cornell Orchards, where they've been growing, researching, and developing amazing apples and other fruits for over a century. Our guest, Deborah Clover, is sales manager of the orchard store and she's got a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on how apples get from trees to our tables.

And we've got a review of the newest contender on the local burger scene, as we visit the brand new Ithaca location of Five Guys Burgers and Fries. The restaurant chain already has a strong following of devoted burger lovers who rave about the quality and flavor of this food, and we were not disappointed.

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Anonymous said...

Tip: I discovered that Five Guys can make the fries unsalted also. They're nicely seasoned, but for me there's just a bit too much sodium when I put ketchup on them. Getting them without salt makes them just right for adding ketchup. Probably the best fries in Ithaca, IMHO, YMMV. (State Diner's fries are "add your own salt" by default; so I generally salt half and ketchup the other half when I go there :-))


Eowyn Connolly-Brown said...

I love Five Guys, but their overuse of styrofoam drives me crazy! How can we convince the management that they need to be more sustainable?


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