Monday, August 10, 2009

Ep. 40: Ten Things Part 4!

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We're over the hill with "Ten Things" Part 4, filled with topical discussions, ruminations on why we love to cook and the people who inspire us, plus tastings and reviews of foods from near and far. The only way to really know what's here is to download and listen!

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Anonymous said...

I found your Mexican Coca-Cola evaluation quite insightful. I find a similar "real sugar" effect with other sodas. Surprisingly, the smell of HFCS soda seems OK, but when I taste them, there's a letdown. It's as though you have a bouquet of flowers, and in the case of HFCS, someone has stepped on it (leaving only a vague average of flavors).

Maybe it would take a sensory physiologist to uncover what's going on, but it appears the odor is the same, but the signals from the tongue in the HFCS case are interfering somehow. Sigh.

BTW, I passed by the Ithaca Shopping Plaza yesterday, and noticed a small, new, permit on the window where the construction is happening. It lists the owner as "Five Guys Burg. & Fries". QED? ;-)


Anonymous said...

Here's a new Cornell Dining collaboration that sounds as though it could be interesting:
Moosewood at Anabel Taylor. Has anyone tried it yet?


Anonymous said...

Another strong association between a show and a food/beverage - Tea, Earl Grey, Hot.


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