Monday, November 3, 2008

Ep. 21 - Cocktail Time with Pixel Lounge

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We've reached #21, and that means we're legal - time to talk about drinking! We're skipping the beer and wine for now, and focusing on the true culinary art of the cocktail and how it's growing in Ithaca. For that, we've headed to Collegetown for a chat with Jim and James of Pixel Lounge to find out more about their taste-driven approach to quality cocktails and brews. We'll also talk a bit about our own cocktail history, explore other highlights of the local liquor scene, and share some of our favorite recipes and resources for home mixologists.

As always, we'll also talk about another restaurant in our ongoing series of reviews as we visit every restaurant in Ithaca from A-Z, with a visit to the newly opened Ameritalia Restaurant and Pizzeria on The Commons. And we've got more details about our special 25th Episode Party at Felicia's Lounge coming in December!

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Anonymous said...

A foodie gift that's great to give people outside the Northeast is maple syrup. The Cornell Dairy Store can ship the stuff Cornell grows, see


CCMCornell said...

Found your blog via the owner of Ameritalia, that you mention in this episode.

The owner stopped me on the Commons and said he was google'ing his restuarant's name and came across a picture of me eating there. I went straight to the restaurant to get some pizza and jump on WiFi to find it: a (thankfully-)blurry picture of me eating and web-surfing.

They didn't know they were being sampled and photographed for a review, but the girl behind the counter did say that she noticed someone strangely snapping pic's.

It wasn't until a week or so later when I was showing a friend the pic that I found that you had a blog and podcast, episode 21 of which I'm listening to right now. :)


Hey, CCMCornell, glad you found us. Thanks for the fun story and for the comments on our Flickr page as well. We always try to keep things anonymous when we visit restaurants, and I don't usually post photos with recognizable people in them if I can help it, so I'm glad you didn't mind us including your blurry image.

Hope you enjoy the podcast, and thanks for getting in touch!


RavenMcCoy said...

i know i'm way behind on my listening, but this episode has the best soundtrack so far! daft punk AND beck?? you're killing me with amazing.

ps: i may or may not have been having my own cocktail time while listening.

keep up the good work!!


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