Monday, September 8, 2008

Ep. 17 - Inside Cà Phê House; Bad Brunch; Collegetown Korean

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Join us for a conversation with Fernando Lee, one of the partners behind the counter at the Southeast Asian sandwich shop Cà Phê House and learn about his experiences starting a restaurant in Ithaca.

Our restaurant reviews lead us to wonder what makes the lousy brunch at Dappers in the Ramada so popular , and we try Korean BBQ for lunch at Dasan-J in Collegetown.

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Anonymous said...

If you're including the K-Mart and Target cafes, don't forget the ones in Tops and Wegmans! I believe that most of the P&C's have a cafe, also (but not in the downtown location).

I see you've decided against including "Dino's". A while back, I discovered that they did have a reuben there, of a sort; so maybe that qualifies it as a restaurant :-)


Anonymous said...

<3 the blog! i just moved from ithaca after living there for over 8 years. i miss it!!! but i'll be back, often . . . mostly for the food!

Anonymous said...

I was looking through your restaurant list and noticed that at least three are currently closed:

-Greek House Restaurant (for several years now, I think)

-Ithaca Cheesesteak Emporium (for a month or so)

-King David's (for a couple of months now)



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