Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode 50 is coming soon...

So it's been two weeks since our last podcast - where's the new episode?

Well, to be honest with you, it's still in our heads. We haven't had the time to properly put this episode together yet so we're postponing it until next week. Just like we do for every 10th episode, we'll be talking about 10 different ideas about Ithaca eating that have been on our minds.

We'd also love to have you be a part of this special episode. Give us a call on our Eating Ithaca listener line (607-216-8624 - a local Ithaca number) and leave us a message about what you're looking forward eating in the months ahead. Maybe it's the fresh, local fruits & vegetables coming to the Ithaca Farmers Market, or a new restaurant opening in town, or maybe it's a new recipe or special ingredient you're looking forward to trying. Whatever it is, give us a call and share what you love about eating in our community, and be part of our 50th podcast episode!

See you next week!

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