Monday, February 23, 2009

Ep. 28 - Local Grass Fed Beef & Mediterranean Dining

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In this episode we take a trip out to Trumansburg to visit Robert & Tina MacCheyner at High Point Farms, where they're offering all natural beef from pasture-raised, grass-fed heritage breed cattle.

And we've gone back to the top of our alphabetical list of Ithaca restaurants to see what new places we've missed before, bringing us to two different Downtown options with Mediterranean menus: Basha in Center Ithaca, and Dino's Mediterranean Deli in the Dewitt Mall. Which one was our favorite? Take a listen to find out, and check out our Flickr page for photos of all the food we've been eating.

Plus we've got updates for you on more restaurant changes we discovered on the horizon for Ithaca, and news about the latest foodie events that you won't want to miss.

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Alexandra Clinton said...

Based on your description, I believe the Greek dessert you couldn't identify is kataifi (ka-ta-EE-fee).


Anonymous said...

Google suggests Bandwagon Brewery will be a brewpub, featuring a sous chef from Lost Dog.

And yep, kataifi is shredded phyllo pastry.

Cybil Discourse said...

The Bandwagon Brew Pub is great! A very sophisticated and adult space. Muted lighting but still enough that you can read the menu. The food is excellent (the lemon bars divine!), the staff is friendly and competent and the drinks are spot on. I like to try the new beers, though beer itself is not my favorite beverage. I found the Raspberry Jalapeno beer to be an interesting twist.


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