Monday, April 28, 2008

Ep. 08 - Spring Cleaning

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It's spring cleaning time at Eating Ithaca studios, and we've uncovered some items that should have been eaten a long time ago (or should they?). We taste a limited edition Snickers Charged bar with caffeine and taurine for an extra kick. Plus we try a "flight" of the Jones Soda Dessert Pack - could soda really taste as good as pie? We'll let you know.

Also, our A-Z restaurant reviews continue with visits to Big Al's Pizza on South Hill, Bistro Fry & Grill in Collegetown, and downtown's Blue Stone Bar & Grill. All that plus previews of what's coming up in future episodes. Take a listen and enjoy!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Because the weather was abnormally warm, I was visiting Buttermilk Falls this past Sunday, and stopped into Big Al's (it's the closest food to the park).

Naturally, I tried a sub and discovered that the bread was much better than last year -- they're buying it now, rather than trying to make it. It's now like a panini bread, with a flavorful crust. Still not as good as Bella's, IMHO, but better than most.



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