Monday, April 14, 2008

Ep. 07 - Coffee, Pizza, Burgers, and Beer

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In this show, we have a report from the two-day coffee love-fest that was the NE Regional Barista Competion (see Flickr photos here), including exclusive interviews with three finalists representing Ithaca.

Also, the alphabetical restaurant reviews head into the B's with a look at downtown dining at Bella Pizza and Benchwarmers. Plus we have listener feedback to share, so take a listen and enjoy!

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Anonymous said...

I think the best thing at Bella's Pizza is their hot subs, in particular the cheesesteak. If you go there again, you might want to try one of those.

BTW, there's a new restaurant that's just opened, "Mustard" on S. Cayuga St.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I posted that last message before I'd reached the end of the podcast, where you mention Mustard.

So, let me just add that I enjoyed the parsley-seasoned french fries I had there today. ;-)



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