Monday, July 13, 2009

Ep. 38: Following Nathan, "Food Inc." on Film

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We're talking with Nathan Winters of, who is on an adventurous, interactive bike ride across the continent dedicated to raising awareness for sustainability, recycling, and conservation. As he goes, he's also interviewing people he meets and uploading the videos and photos from his encounters on his website to share with the world. He stopped in Ithaca for a few days as part of his journey and we got to find out more about what he learned in our community.

Nathan also paid a visit to the Ithaca Farmers' Market, which he called "hands down the best farmer's market he's seen," (check out his video from the market here). We've got our own update from the market in this episode, and our latest restaurant review offers multiple trips to the steam tables at Imperial Kitchen Buffet off Triphammer Road. Plus we're sharing our thoughts on the new documentary "Food Inc." now playing at Cinemapolis.

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Stuff we talked about in this episode:


Anonymous said...

Re: King Buffet. A couple of days ago I was passing by there, and saw that
1) The King Buffet sign has been taken down.
2) It was dark inside (in the middle of the day).
3) There's a realtor's sign on the window.

So, I'd say it's closed!

A restaurant suggestion:
I was trying out the Moakley House today. You probably ought to add it to your list. They had some herbed fries that were among the best of that kind of thing that I've had. (According to the server, they use their own special mixture on commercially-prepared fries.) And the view of the Robert Trent Jones Golf Course is hard to beat!



We drove by King Buffet too - yup, it's definitely gone...

Re: dining at RT Jones Golf Course, we have that on the list under McCormick's Grill. Is that the same as Moakley House? Either way, we'll look forward to some fries.


Anonymous said...

You're right -- it's the same place. I remember seeing a sign mentioning McCormick's Grill in front of Moakley House, but for some reason it's not referenced that way in any external listings I can find.



We've double checked our original source and it looks like they've dropped the McCormick's Grill name from their website:

Guess we'll move it back to Moakley on the list...


Anonymous said...

Here's one that I'm pretty sure isn't on your list (it opened 7/13): "Little Cafe in the Park" (see for details). It's run by the same company that operates the Moakley House grill. It's so new that they did't even have a sign up ;-)

The meatball sub was pretty good today (although I still think Bella's is the best in town!).


Anonymous said...

I see that you're nearing Ithaca Ale House. If you happen to try the Perfect Burger, you will have tasted the burgers from the three places touted by various people as Ithaca's Best Burger (Corner Store, Glenwood Pines, and Ithaca Ale House). I'd be interested in your opinion!



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