Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Chowcast" gets some tasty Hot Truck action

We had a visit from our Chicago friends and fellow podcasters, Sous & The Chef, this week. Like many former Ithaca students and residents who come back to town, it isn't long before they feel an overwhelming hunger for the legendary local concoction known simply as Hot Truck.

For those of us who live in Ithaca full time, it is easy to take dining institutions like the Truck for granted. Often it's only when you hear someone who's been away wax rhapsodic about the Truck that we are reminded just how much wonderful eating we have in Ithaca.

I encourage you to download their latest episode, recorded live in their "mobile studio" from the parking lot of Shortstop Deli, as they talk about their own experiences with eating Ithaca, and devour some hearty PMP and WGC favorites with gusto and explicit exclamations of appreciation that would make dear Bob Petrillose blush.

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